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4 years on vissane and worried. Will my period come back? And will i be able to get pregnant

Hi i have been using vissane for 4 years now and i am a little worried

I have been using it for a very long time when i was very young since i was 15 years of age and i am 19 now

I am thinking about having a baby in a year i recently got engaged and getting married next year but we want children after a year or marriage

But i am afraid that i have been to long on vissane i have not been using vissane because of endometriosis but of cyst i use to get

But i am afraid... That i wound be able to get my period back normally and may not be able to get pregant for using vissane so long

Sometimes i use to skip a pill on accident sometimes 3 times in a row than have a little bleeding and pain becaused i skiped it

But it doesnt happen anymore when i skip so many and that worries me because i have alot of unplanned sleepover or just fall asleep because i drink mine in the night before i go to bed

I am just afraid because i skip my pills sometimes that... I will have some complications or something or made it worst i dont know how this stuff works so this may come off as dumb questions

And also i would like to know if anyone knows of a case of someone getting pregnant while on vissane i am just curious if it could happen


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