Hysterectomy soon and don't know what to expect

Hi I have Adenomyosis and cervical stenosis plus adhesions and am booked 21st next my for surgery hysterectomy total plus tubes ..., hopefully they can save 1 ovary I'm 41 and am scared ...! I have constant mood swings and pain can't eat but putting on weight anyone else out there going through this and what to expect when I wake up from surgery?

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  • I can't offer any hysterectomy advice but just a passing hug & hope all goes well for you x

  • Thank you so much susybee xxxx

  • I have adenomyosis and stage 4 endometriosis everywhere. My hysterectomy is the 15th October a week after my 39th birthday. I am in daily pain and for the past year I have had no life because of it. I swing from looking forward to the start of getting my life back to being absolutely terrified that it will all go wrong. I think it's perfectly normal to feel like this though. Good luck with your op xx

  • Thankyou Amshell x sorry to hear your suffering as well I hope things go well for you to and I hope having the hysterectomy gives us our lives back ...!

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