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Severe period pain and other symptoms months after surgery

Hi- I had a cyst removed along with some endo removed laparoscopically in April. (And a polyp on my uterus via d&c) My periods haven't been that heavy or as bad cramp wise, but I just started my period today and it's been horrible. I'm back to throwing up, cramping like crazy, and having migraines. Has anyone else had the same experience? Or have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Hi i had laparoscopy, hysteroscopy,d&c, and mirena coil fitted on 17th May and this week has been my worst period since getting it fitted :( i literally cudnt straighten with pain. Been taken 400mg ibroufen and 200mg paracetomal 3/4 times a day but they not working. :( really dont know what to do now. xx


I'm sorry! wish i had some advice. I'm going to phone my doctor in the morning, because I've done nothing but have terrible symptoms all weekend regardless of the medications I've taken. I hope you can find some relief.

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