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Endo nightmare

Hello everyone, it feels good in a way to know that I am not alone, knowing that I am not he only one suffering constantly not just physically but mentally. I work full time and I love my job to bits last year I had three different procedures and the doctors finally found out that t I had endo, I have taken days off from work for the past year becuasr my condition worsen. After my last operation back in November/15 the symptoms are back and I feel devastated having to ask for days off I feel absolute guilty, my job is very demanding and although they have been understandable I am not sure if they would put up with me for a second round. I was thinking of leaving my job but because I can't cope with the guilt and desperation of letting people down.

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Hello, i am so sorry to hear that your symptoms are back. I had my last lap in feb 2015 and mine are back too, have an appointment with the consultant tomorrow to schedule more surgery (this will be my 4th lap). I am also struggling with the guilt of being off work too. Ive never had to take as much time of as I have in the past year and at the moment I am currently signed off sick. I completely understand the guilt and desperation feelings and I have to say it took me to reach 'rock bottom' last week before I decided that really my health has to come first. Still feel pretty guilty though and my job is demanding and fast paced and I do worry that I might not be able to continue with the career I spent 5 years studying for! Do you think that some adjustments at work would help you cope? Maybe cut down a day to start with or something like that? Many employers are advised by their occupational health department that endometriosis is a disability covered by the equality act 2010 and so reasonable adjustments may be offered to you.

Take care x


Thank you so much for taking your time in replying, I will need to ask my employer what is the next step, I am so afraid of loosing my job that I have worked so hard for :( I never knew that endometriosis was a disability up until yesterday am when I decried to deeply look into alternatives. I don't think my employer is aware the severity of my illness, people don't realise how difficult is for US people that go through this pain! As they don't see you I'll from the outside they judge you and you can feel people talking behind your back at work, I wish I didn't have to ask for days off but is out of my hands and I think they need to understand that going through this is serious. How long are you signed off for? What is your next step? Hopefully everything is sorted for you as well, I have my appointment on Friday and I will as my GP to refer me to an specialist who can give me different alternatives, I jest can't cope with the pain anymore.

Once again thanks for replying and let us know how was your appointment.

Take care X


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