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Bye bye endo

Bye bye endo

Hi Ladies

So it's been one hell of a week! Starting last Sunday with the pre meds to clear me out (what a delightful experience!) ready for surgery on Monday morning.

I was the first on the list and with this being the 3rd time in theatre within 6 months I found myself not being so nervous on the actual day.

On coming round I had the normal shakes and nausea- meaning I had to have a nice injection in the bottom, tablets the works. I was advised to stay over night for morning discharge but really wanted to get home with the hubby!

My consultant told me he had managed to remove the endometriosis from all sites, even the large mass attached to my bowel - Douglas pouch filled I believe which myself and my husband couldn't believe to have gone better. We will have more details on two weeks at the review!

I've had some leaking for one site but was expected. I've had pain which has been making me feel sick - not wanting to take the codeine all the time due to bloating I've tried to just take paracetamol and use my heat pad which at times fails. I'm not sure if anyone has had this before but I've been experiencing burning sensations within my abdomen - worst was when I coughed it's a searing pain and burn?

I've felt abit emotional this week, the relief of finally having the surgery and the waiting to see the effect on the daily pain I've been having. I guess it's the unknown as to it returning as well but what will be will be!

Myself and my husband are looking forward to this next chapter of what this surgery may bring- hopefully a pain free existence!


N x

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