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Depression and endometriosis

Hi, I'm just wondering how many of you have suffered from and sought professional help due to depression caused by endo?  I've been really struggling this year and I'm wondering if I should try and get some help from a professional to try and help me cope.   The constant pain and fatigue is really starting to take its toll on me mentally as well as physically now.  What are people's experiences with seeking professional help?  Thanks 

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Hi I've suffered with depression since I was 15 I'm now 42. I've had symptoms of endo since 15 but was only diagnosed last year. I've found that now I know what is wrong with me it's easier to deal with the depression. 

This disease can play havoc with your mood and when you're in pain and exhausted its easy to let things get on top of you emotionally too. There is help out there . 

Me personally I think I've just learnt to cope with the bad periods . Because I've suffered with it for so long I've learnt that it does get better and easier to accept  it.

Hope find some help but if you ever need to talk I'm here.

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I too suffered with depression for a long time before endo/adeno were ever mentioned to me.

I'd always recommend seeking professional help - better to act sooner rather than later in my experience.

Regular counselling sessions really helped me deal with all the negative thoughts I was having - about not being as capable as everyone else, a total failure, never going to achieve anything, being a bad mother etc. etc. A good counsellor is trained to give their clients unconditional positive regard and be completely non-judgmental. It's a good chance to get it all off your chest - without worrying or alienating friends/family.

Sharing the psychological burden actually had a positive effect on my energy levels. It wasn't a cure, by any means, but it did make me feel much more hopeful.

I hope you can find someone to talk to about it all.

Best wishes x

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I suffer from PTSD, depression and anxiety and endo definately plays apart. The constant pain, fatigue, affect on your career, social life, relationships etc. At one point I felt completely trapped by my body and my life. It was quite literally driving me mad.

People cope with depression in different ways and people get depressed for many reasons. Sometimes there isn't one. I can't advise you enough to get help. I was absolutely terrified seeking help but it was honestly one of the best decisions of my life. I did counselling and c.b.t. I also managed to find a support group in my area. I'm not going to lie it was hard and I still have bad days but it's getting easier.  Having those tools too cope have been invaluable to me.

I hope you find the help you need. It will get better. You should be proud. Endo isn't easy to cope with and you're probably doing things that others wouldn't consider doing if they felt like you do. That's strength. You can do this. xxx

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I have been diagnosed with anxiety and 'high level' of depression due, for the most part, to having endometriosis. I feel similar to the previous repliers on this post. I sought professional help from my GP at the beginning of the year and was referred for talking therapy/CBT over 10 weekly sessions. 

I have also contacted the Samaritans in the past by e-mail or telephone when I am feeling very depressed.

I hope you find the professional help that is right for you.

With best wishes.


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