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Bleeding after endo excision

Hey everyone, 

I had endo excision on 4th march, everything went OK. 

Gynae said he took a large pouch from my left side (I have chocolate endo too) 

Is it normal to be bleeding 6 weeks after the operation? It's a mixture of really old, dark looking blood and new. 

I've tried looking online but not having much luck and not sure the DR's will be of much use, there track record with me is pretty poor! 

Thank you 

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Hi,  asked my consultant last week if I should be seeing old blood after 3 weeks and she said it was ok to see a small amount after upto 6-8 weeks so as long as everything else went ok, it sounds fairly normal especially if you had a lot of exicision. 


Hi Melissa, if you have any concerns give the surgeons secretary a ring or the ward you were on and ask their advise.


I realize this is an older post, but feel like I should comment. I experienced seemingly exactly what many of you have, for years with no relief. However, last May, I discovered a treatment which has seemingly cured my endometriosis, PCOS, related pain, and ALL symptoms. Apparently, often times the ovarian pain that occurs as soon as your periods ends is due to cysts but reason for the timing cycle-wise is because it corresponds to the rising of estrogen and FSH so that an egg will be released from the ovary. During mid-end of your period and shortly thereafter, is when estrogen is on the rise...and may of us are apparently estrogen dominant which throws the body out of synch. I began using an over the counter progesterone cream (ProgesterAll) which is also available online. I used it religiously morning and night...into the second month of using it; huge results. No more cyclical migraines, horrible ovarian pain that lasted for days, cysts, or ANY of the terrible issues that I had been experiencing for years. I've currently been on it for right at a year and have never had such regular periods and been so pain free in many years. All of my migraines and 'sinus' migraines and allergies have quit too. I am not taking any birth control pills or anything that could possibly increase estrogen, as the progesterone naturally balances it and counteracts the effects of estrogen...thus, the ovarian pain from my ovaries being literally fried by too much estrogen has totally stopped... I first started experiences all of those symptoms with the use of birth control pills when in my early twenties...I am now in my mid thirties. This is just my personal experiences but please consider reading up on estrogen dominance and the use of progesterone to counteract too much estrogen! It literally gave my life quality again and ended all of my pain and the constant sickness.


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