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Diet, endo and Zoladex

Can anyone help me I'm struggling with my weight. The weight I lost over the years has started to creep back up 😞 I'm carrying fluid and have swollen feet and bloating. Before the zoladex and my laparoscopy  I was running and maintaining my weight. I can't run because of the bone pain and lethargy I worried about my bones too as the zoladex can increase bone density. My appetite is shocking I'm eating rubbish because I'm constantly hungry. Can anyone offer any help. It's really getting me down. Thanks ladies x    

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Cytoplan do a calcium supplement which also includes magnesium (the wholefood calcium supplement) which should help. I have researched this for when I start Zoladex next week. I always use Cytoplan wholefood supplements and they are great as they are derived from plants and food so they are not cheap and nasty.

If you have swollen feet try and elevate them when you can and ice them, the longer your feet stay below your heart the longer the swelling will hang around. Try putting a couple of cushions under your feet when you sleep. (this is quite good for tummy pain too!)

If you are craving rubbish food try to eat foods high in Chromium at meal times, Chromium regulates blood sugar - Whole grains, Bread, Brown rice, Meat, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Green beans, Brewer's yeast, Beef, Beer, Chicken breast, Chicken legs, Calves' liver, Cereals, Cheese, Eggs, Fish, Sea food, Corn, Potatoes, Diary products, and Fresh vegetables. Herbs are also rich in chromium. Foods high in protein will keep you fuller for longer, try snacking on nuts (unsalted). If you are reaching for easy food make sure you favor fats over sugar, sugary snacks are the biggest contributor to stubborn belly fat, most diet products (like branded snack bars under 100 calories) are extremely high in sugar.

I hope this helps :)

Hope you feel better soon xx

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Wow thanks for this advice it's exactly what I need. I'm constantly on a hamster wheel going round and round getting fed up along the way with my weight gain. I try to avoid bread etc carbs but that's creeping back up to. I will explore cytoplan as this sounds just what I need. Thanks for your help hope your well



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