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I'm in Japan so this forum might prove useful. I was diagnosed with endo in November and have kept the knowledge of having it to myself pretty much. My male friends are hopeless about anything periods. I feel a bit stigmatized. Just told a girlfriend.

To get the contraception pill here you have to go to the gyno every month to get just one packet. It's ¥3000 with the 2/3 off national insurance discount. To put it in perspective, a coffee is ¥500, a bevvy is ¥500-1000 or it's around the same as dinner out in a Japanese pub for the night.

Mainly I'm wondering about tiredness. I used to be up with the larks every day but getting up these days is effort. I can get really tired. Taking the pill has been effective. Why does it cause lower energy?

Also culturally it's considered rude to question the doctor too much. He knows what you need to know so trust the wisdom of what you're told and don't ask for any more than that. We can communicate well though. He's fairly Westernised. Presumably it's only a mild case. Would he be able to tell through the camera or whatever it was? I haven't had much pain just a weird sensation and out of the ordinary periods.

Are there good foods to try?


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Have you tried contacting JEMA, the Japan Endometriosis Association?

These are the contact details I found on the endometriosis.org website:


Chuo-ku, Osaka-City

OSAKA 542-0062


t: +81 6 6718 4789



I looked on their website once I had translated it(!) and found it offers advice and information, there are message boards (for supporters and of course sufferers of endometriosis) and they run a mail magazine. They note books available that are useful to read. I also found they offer telephone support (06-6718-4789 or, 06-6764-4344 which is run on Thursdays between 6pm-8pm local time) like Endometriosis UK offer British sufferers, run by trained volunteers (not sure in the case of JEMA but maybe similar) and via email so you could approach them directly.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

Take care...x


Generally I would avoid any gluten as it can inflame your bowel, if you like bread and can't give it up try soya based or rye. Avoid dairy (only dairy I use is a splash of milk in my coffee). Should be avoiding caffeine but it's the only pleasure in my life so hey ho :) I try and be good and drink green tea.

My friend who is an endo sufferer for 22 years swears by aloe vera juice - I'm going to try some!

I feel tired as well, some women are more affected than others, I have 2 young kids so that doesn't help. Just take it easy and try and rest and don't be pressured into doing something you dont want to! Good luck :)


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