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After hysterectomy still in pain

I had hysterectomy in Sept for adenomyosis (following excision in Jan) only leaving right ovary. Now damn I've a lot of pain in right ovary region (I think). There was sign of some endo on the ovary. I was keen to keep ovaries, after doing lots of research the long term health benefits were in favour of it - now, damn, I'm wishing it was gone. So 4 months post op do I still need to give it time, could it be something else. Womb was attached to bowel but bowel all clear of endo. In Jan there was no endo noted on right ovary, then there was in Sept, does it grow so quick? Not long ago had 3 month check and typical pain was only slight and not constant then. Really cannot face a 3 rd surgery just yet. Is there anything else to be done except wait? Sorry for long post / rant!

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I'm in the same situation, I had a lap in March, endo and adeno diagnosed, endo excised, and hysterectomy booked. Hysterectomy in July for adeno, and I'm still in pain, mine was still there pretty much straight after,

I've inly been seeing a genral gyne, so I got my GP to refer me to a BSGE specialist, I went Friday, he has referred me for MRI and put me on progesterone only pill,

He said he will do another lap if nesseccery but dosnt want to do yet until MRI done,

It's just a night mare, my pains are very similar to the ones I've always had, not as bad, so the hysterectomy has worked on some of pain that was caused by Adenomyosis, but I don't think all my endo was removed, I beleave my surgeon has missed something,

I hope you find your answers, I will say, I had a water infection after hysterectomy, so get urine checked if you haven't,

Good luck xxx

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Gosh AmyLee, I feel I could have almost written that post myself! Hysterectomy in August for adeno/endo, and left left ovary. Uterus was stuck to bowel also. For the last four months I'm getting pain in leg and hip same as before following the same cyclical pattern, I feel like I'm going mad! I'm assuming it's the endo still active at ovulation. I was told that it could be necessary to remove the remaining ovary but really don't want to go through surgery again, and like you read up on the health benefits. I can't even bring myself to go back to the GP, feel like a wingeing woman!

Sorry can't offer you advice, only hope it helps to know you're not alone! X

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You've given me hope. Thank you but sorry to hear you are suffering too.

If it's ovary hurting during ovulation I can live with a few days of pain.

Are you taking HRT? My GP and gynae recommend but I'm not sure, the whole point of keeping ovary was to avoid immediate menopause and HRT, as well as longer term benefits. I'm rubbish with any hormone treatment - gives me severe dizziness

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No I'm not on any HRT, as I understand it though the idea is that it regulates the hormone levels so that there's no peaks and troughs to aggravate the endo.

Part of me is still just hoping that my hormones are still settling after the hyst, I have read it can take 6-12months to get back to normal. I haven't been back to my GP and the Gynae discharged me after the 6 wk post op, that was too soon for me to know that I was still getting cyclical pain.

I've also read about people going back on Prostap post hyst to starve the endo, has your GP or Gynae suggested that? X


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