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Endometriosis signs??

Hi I'm new to this so excuse me if I sound confused lol. I have pains and heavy periods now for almost 20 years and got diagnosed with a fibroid bout 5 years ago I lived with the pains and the terrible periods for ages until I was getting worse so went to see a gyne which is booked me in for a transcervical resection last Dec after the op my periods got worse and the pain was uncontrollable so I then went and had a total vaginal hysterectomy this June so I'm now 13 weeks post op. When I got my histology report back it said they had found endometriosis and a benign polyp in womb only?? I am now still suffering from the same pain as before the op so I'm now thinking I still have endo and think that may have been the cause all along not the polyp cos the symptoms are so alike? At the mo im suffering sharp pains inside my vagina and a feeling of something inside me like a tampon speacily when I get up from sitting ? I've got a appointment on sat with the gyne so hoping he will send me for a laproscopy? Please could u give me some answers as to the pains im having cud be endo 😊

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