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Decapeptyl questions

I'm almost at the end of my fourth month of decapeptyl injections and don't take HRT with it. I'm completely pain free and so far I've coped pretty well with the side effects. However, over the last few days the hot flushes have been a nightmare to the point where I feel like I'm going to spontaneously combust!

I'm due to have my next 3 month injection at the beginning of September but i'm considering not having it at all. I'm reluctant to have HRT in case this gives me further side effects. Does anyone have any experience of decapeptyl with HRT?

My other question is how long did it take for your cycle to return after coming off it?

Finally, my last question is do you need to use birth control afterwards in case it's still in your system should you become pregnant? I've heard it can cause birth defects but can't find anything concrete regarding this.

Before going on the injection I had some bodged surgery where only a cyst was drained, so think we may have a short windows to get pregnant once I come off it - if it's possible at all.


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Hi im sorry to hear about yr bodged surgery, i havent been the same since mine last may my pain has continued to get worse +worse. I'm 7 weeks into my zoledax without hrt the hot flushes are very much there since my 2nd jab throughout day and making it hard for me to sleep I know what you mean by feeling like yr going to combust! Ive been taking sage but it doesnt seem to do anything. You say yr pain free so far which is amazing :) can I ask you how long this took as I haven't seen any relief yet my pain is exactly the same as when I started 7 weeks ago..

I'm sorry I don't have answers for you I am always reluctant to try new meds because of side effects..


I am currently on my second 3 month injection of decapeptyl. Like you, I have been pain free while on this injection and have tried to avoid using hrt. Haven't been bothered too much with flushes but have had bad headaches at times which I've just tried to persevere with. I did actually start a period a couple of days before I got my second injection so I think my cycle was getting ready to resume rather quickly! From what I gather though it's different for everyone.

We are actually set to do ivf at the end of this injection and my decapeptyl injection has been part of my protocol (we already have frozen embryos). From that I can assume it must be okay to fall pregnant once it wears off otherwise they wouldn't use this alongside ivf?


Hi. I was on Decapeptyl for 2 months. I tried it first without the HRT but then struggled with the hot flushes and sleep disturbance so I started the HRT after a few weeks. It really helped with the hot flushes and I then started to sleep much better.

I stopped after 2 months though because my mood and energy levels were so low. I had my last injection 8 weeks ago and am still waiting for my period. I've started to feel pre-menstrual now so maybe it won't be too much longer, but I think it varies greatly from person to person.

I think coming off it was the best decision that I could have made for me because I'm feeling a lot better in myself at the moment but I'm not so sure I'll be saying the same once the pain returns. I'll never have them again as the side effects were horrible but I know that some people have done really well on them.

I'm afraid that I can't answer your question about IVF as I've not had it before but wish you the best of luck with your treatment. X


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