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Really worried!

Hi ladies! I had an laparoscopy in May which was my second one in a year! It was confirmed that I have endo on my utersacral ligaments, adhesions on my appendix and pelvic side wall and my sigmoid colon!

My gyne put me on a 3 month back to back course of mygrogynon 30 to suppress the endo! Normally mycrogynon has been good for me and does work! I am at the end of my second month got one more to go before I see my gyne again!

Me and my partner tried intercourse for the first time in over 2 years last Friday, Sunday and the following Friday! It was still painful so stopped.

Last night I woke up in horrendous pain and had come on! I was not expecting it as the pill is meant to stop my periods!

This morning I honestly thought my insides had fallen out! It was awful! Not like a normal blood clot! It was about 8cm long and about 5cm width! It was pinky, grey in colour but had no real redness or blood on it like a normal blood clot! Sorry for the info! Am very worried!

Can anyone give me advice on what to do and if any of you have had the same sort of thing?


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Hi - you have rectovaginal endo affecting the Pouch of Douglas (a hidden place behind the vagina) that is giving you pain and problems with sex. I had a really useful post about this kind of endo which would have explained this but Endo UK have removed it.

If you are in the UK you should have been referred on to a specialist centre by this consultant. Where are you in the UK? x


Hi thanks for your reply! I'm in Kent! My gyne seems to think that being in the pill will stop the painful sex!! Not so sure! I was told to try a gluten free diet too but not sure that's helping things either! At my wits end! Xx


Hi - I'll pm you x


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