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Am I suffering with endometriosis?

I'm new here and not sure if this is the right place to be writing. I am so frustrated right now. I have always suffered with my periods and body, the drs answers are always "try this contraception" every time. Which end up making it worse if I'm honest. This past year has been alot worse though. Last month I ended up in hospital with suspected appendicitis, they scanned my tummy and it was fine, but they found a "mass", I don't know if it was my ovaries or uterus because he couldn't tell properly. Today I had an internal ultrasound to see what was going on, from the drs notes I had a 5cm septated cyst. Which has now vanished, probably during my last period. She couldn't understand why I am in pain all the time as nothing was showing on the scan. I have seriously heavy periods, lots and lots of clots (sorry), constant period style pains, my uterus feels heavy (weird right?), I bloat and end up looking 6 months pregnant some days, pain during & after intercourse, constant need to wee, I'm always always tired. Could this be endometriosis? I am so frustrated I just need some answers or advice. Thank you in advance. xxxx

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Hello :) reading your comments I think you possibly have it. I have most of those symptoms you have listed and I was diagnosed with endometriosis recently and had surgery a week ago to remove it. I went in for a operation to remove a 5cm from my ovaries which wasn't there when they went in but found lots of endometriosis instead. Sadly I just started my period and am still in in the same bad pain I'm always in!! For years doctors just gave me different versions of the pill and put me on naproxen and tramadol which only made me space out. I changed my doctor and told her all my symptoms and she referred me to the gyno and then in for surgery. I've had this pain for 10 years now and I was hoping this surgery would work. Hope you get the help you need :) xx


Hi - I really don't know why medical professionals still expect an ultrasound to diagnose endo as it will show very little other than a specific type of cyst associated with endo. Yours sounds to have been a 'functional' cyst that can sometimes occur in the normal cycle and usually disappears on its own. But the majority of endo won't show on a scan.

Can you click on my name and read my first post and the one on Pouch of Douglas endo to see what you identify with and the one on how to find a specialist. It sounds very likely that you have endo (and perhaps an associated condition called adenomyosis) and I recommend you request a referral to a specialist centre where more thotough investiogations would be carried out. x

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This is good advice! I go for regular ultrasounds (as I had a large endometrioma in the past) but these will only show ovarian cysts. I never know if I have anything else and given I've had endo in other places e.g. Bladder I suspect that's come back.


Hi - I don't know if the post on Pouch of Douglas endo that I referred to was there when you looked as I am now aware that Endo UK has removed it.


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