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Just need some advice please!

Hi everyone,

I just need some advice. I'm 24 and have just had a laparoscopy which confirmed I was covered in endo. They managed to cut it all out and I had a coil fitted for the adenomyosis. No one in the hospital or doctors will tell me anything. I just want to know whether now I'm clear of everything my partner and I should try for a lillun or whether we should wait. Im scared if we do wait the endo will come back, and the adeno will just have got worse.

I don't really talk to my mum so just hoped someone on here might be able give me some advice or suggest something.

Thank you everyone x

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If they have fitted the coil then they aren't aware youre considering trying for a little one.

Following surgery you peak in fertility for some reason so once you're ready it would be a good time to try. But you would need to have the coil removed. The risk of it coming back while you try is something you have to face any time you start trying. Talk to your partner then talk to your GP. They will have your notes and be able to give you specific advice to you xxx


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