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Awaiting Lap

Hi ladies,

Hope you are all good!

So I'm waiting for my second lap which will hopefully be around june (haven't had confirmed date yet). The specialist has told me he will be fitting a mirena coil at the same time. He told me he was concerned about all the medication I am on at such a young age (21). So is that suggesting that he will eventually want to take me off the meds I'm on? Just a bit worried about the withdrawal symptoms!

Also, I am thinking the worst with him finding it. That he will say the endo is really severe, and I may not be able to conceive naturally. For a while I've thought I may have difficulties in getting pregnant, because me and my partner have had many many 'mistakes' during intercourse, and nothing have ever come of it. My partner also had mumps when he was 16, and I have heard that can affect fertility. At the moment, I'm really thinking of the worst case scenario and Im praying Im going to be able to have children one day.




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