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Can anyone help?

Hi, I'm due to have a follow up in may but I'm just asking anyone if they have been told that they have got to have a CT scan? I'm a bit worried as I don't know why they want to do it. Also none of the doctors have given me any treatment for the symptoms ( is there any?!). I just feel so let down with the NHS I wish someone would give me the answers I need :(

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Hi Wendy - click on my username and read my first post on endo and its many symptoms and the last one on Pouch of Douglas endo. It sounds very likely that this is what you have as it is verry common when you have been left undiagnoesed for many years, and the symptoms you have briefly described - lower back pain and pain with and after sex - are typical. They most likely are doing a CT to see if your bowel has been pulled out of shape by adhesions and to get an idea of what is going on. You should be dealt with in a specialist centre if this kind of endo is suspected as it requires skilled excision surgery. Can you private message me the name of consultant and hospital. Also have your husband read my post on POD endo so he understand just what pain you are in. x


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