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Endo vent :(

Hello sorry I am new to the group. On such a low today and after coming across this group I thought it would be nice to vent somewhere to people who understand.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis last year after having Ibs like symptoms - it got to the point my bowel didn't hold anything and without no warning I would just go! For any age, especially a 21 year old who could be in a shopping centre , on holiday , in the car etc this was very humiliating! anyway back on topic it turned out my bowel and ovary were some how attached due to adeshians and endo therefore having the op helped this problem which was the worst of my symptoms. Thank god I now have a fully functioning bowel. However I am still having many issues which are getting me so down and I just wondered if anyone else still had the same even after the op?!

Sex for example - still unbearable and not wanted. I feel like I just can't enjoy it as I get so nervous it will hurt and I'll end up sat crying on the toilet.

Period- even though taking the pill back to back for three months as advised by my doctor I still have breakthrough bleeding! I will randomly come on, this could last anything from a day to a couple of weeks , then I will have my usual period every three months when taking the break. Why is this ? :( Also does anyone get any random pain which shoots straight up the vagina? Or stabs in the side? It feels different to period pain it's like the weirdest thing you feel someone has a knife up you?

I feel so low and my emotions are up and down all the time. I feel I've tried every single thing to get back to normal and was so hopeful of be normal after the op but I feel anything but, it seems I complain about one thing or another everyday and I don't no if it's now just all in my head and that just makes me feel worse and confused!

So sorry reading it back didn't realise I had gone on so much. Just feel so lost and alone with it even though I have a supportive family and boyfriend.

Thank you for this group. Even just reading previous posts is a massive uplift xx

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Hi, I'm new to the group too! I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling so down!

I'm 21 too and was diagnosed with endo last month, although I was certain I had it long before that!

With the pill, I've found that I have breakthrough bleeding after 3 months too, so I tend to only do 2 months at a time. It means a few more periods, but also eliminates the breakthrough bleeds.

With sex, I know exactly how you feel. I have a very supportive and loving boyfriend but I always feel guilty and try to avoid any intimacy in case it leads to sex. I've found the best thing to do is be honest with him, work together to find something that feels okay, and go slowly. I think it will take some time but im hopeful things will improve!

It's definitely not all in your head! I found one of the hardest things was that I was expecting to feel okay after the op and I'm not, but now I'm trying other things that might help.

Good luck, I hope you start to feel happier soon!




Thank you so much for your reply!

I love the idea of this group! I will try that, only doing two pill packs, as maybe three is just to much for my body to get used to without bleeding!

Thank you again and I hope things are good with you since your op and the other things are working.

:) xx


Hi - click on my username and read my first post on endo and its many symotoms and the last one on Pouch of Douglas endo. Take some time to absorb it all and see what you identify with x


Hey, welcome to the site...you'll soon realise you really aren't alone.

Sorry to hear about your bowel problems, it sounds horrible, especially at the prime age where you should be enjoying life!!

I also have the period problems, although i take my pill every day, back to back, with no break, and i experience them every 2 weeks! Its heartbreaking being this exhausted and low all the time, so i definitely feel your pain!!

I would go and speak to your doctor about trying a different pill....im currently on my 5th, and last pill option (i cant have your type due to the risk of strokes). Each pill will affect you differently, with some making your mood worse, others just stopping your periods, but your doctor should be helpful in making a decision about which to try next.

I hope your feeling a bit better today! Please don't feel alone though, there really is so many women on here in the same pain and mindset as you, and were all hear to help :)

Emma Xx


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