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March! Endo awareness month!

Let's do all we can to spread the word eh ladies! I myself am in too much pain to visit London for the March but I'm buying a load of badges to give to everyone I know help create awareness. I used to be ashamed of this disease.. Mainly because when I spoke to people about it they'd say 'oh ive got painful periods you've just got to get on with it' !!! This is why we need to educate people! We are never going to be taken seriously until the world understands the true agony and heartbreak of this disease. What are you guys gonna do for endo awareness month then? Xxx

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Ive never heard of endo awareness month! More details please as i suffer with endo for 5yrs x


I had no idea there was such a thing as endo awareness month! I have just come across this post and it's nearly the end of March!

I'd love to tell a larger community about this disease as I'm sure my friends, family and a lot of colleagues are sick to the back teeth of hearing about it from me.

I'll go and see if there any events still on.



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