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endometriosis and early preganancy

probably just wishful thinking but my last period was long but very light mostly just spotting and now post period I have PMS symptoms like veiny, big boobs and tender womb, along with feeling quite sick all the time, for the last week since aunt flo left. Find it hard to believe after trying to conceive for so long and will go out for a preggo test when I can. Working nights :/

However it all got me to thinking about if I actually did conceive what would the pregnancy be like with endo? Can anyone share their experience of early pregnancy with endometriosis that's all ready presenting symptoms. I am interested in whether people experienced bleeding during their pregnancy? and whether the pain from your endo got worse as the baby grew? Everyone says pregnancy is a cure, like it's a holy grail :) in my shoes it seems like a lot for your body to cope with on top of growing another human bean!

I am eternally grateful to this forum as when I reach the end of my tether and can't talk to gp or gyno and google doesn't have the answers, at least I have somewhere to go to let it out. There are so many unknowns with this disease. It's so sad :(


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Hi I am currently nearly 6 weeks pregnant and I haven't had a single symptom from my endo or bleeding. I just have my pregnancy symptoms. I was shocked to find out I was pregnant after trying for over 2yrs and about to start fertility next month but it can happen


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