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I've had PCOS since I was about 16. I've managed to have 3 healthy children which has now resulted in many complications for myself & I have been told by a consultant not to have anymore children. For the past 18 months I have had severe back ache, stomach ache etc which has resulted in extremely painful sex & sometimes crippled over in pain that somedays I am unable to move. I have had biopsys done for cancer (which came back all clear!), scans, tried so many meds that in the end my consultant put me down for a laparoscopy. I had my first one done last Wednesday to which they removed a cyst of my left ovary, treated me for endemetriosis (which I never knew I had) & also found multiple bowel adhesions to left pelvic wall with marked pelvic congestion. I've has key hole surgery with incisions to my belly button, bikini line & my left side. Has anyone else had this who can explain what this means!? I know it sounds silly but I only know what I've had done from my discharge papers, I won't be seeing my consultant for another 3 months & I am still experiencing some pain which doesn't seem to be easing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you, Laura xx

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