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Working with endometriosis

Hi all,

So I've just beenntold that I likely have endometriosis and am about to have a laparoscopy to confirm.

I've spent the last 8 months in considerable pain and exhausted most days and as a result have had to take quite a lot of time off of work.

I feel almost like because they don't know officially that my symptoms now aren't important and am getting very little support for coping with the symptoms as well as the stress of considerable loss of income due to taking time off of work.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get a handle on the situation? Or if there is any financial support out there?

Many thanks

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I've been in a similar situation and am waiting for my second lap (1st was in 2009 & I've been lucky enough for the pill to minimise symptoms until I came off it 3 years ago and endo symptoms have returned with a vengeance) I am not sure about financial help, but depending on your employers setup, I'd advise you to book an appointment with occupational health, I found mine really helpful and they agreed to allow me a flexible couple of days a month where I can work from home (on a laptop as sometimes I can't sit at my desk due to discomfort). Worth a try. Even though my employers have been very supportive so far it still causes me stress. Best of luck.


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