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Just diagnosed with endometriosis thats gone to my ovaries !

Just last week I was diagnosed with endometriosis after various tests ca 125 ,ultrasound ,biopsy on polyp ,hysterscopy and MRI .Consultant sending me for laparoscopy asap to see if its spread to bladder and bowel though will have to wait as suffering high blood pressure at moment . Feeling totally exhausted as if run over by bus .Has anyone had a large piece of endo lining expelled during period I'm rather concerned as I felt if drop out and it was 2 inch wide and 2 inch long like a cross shape !

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Hi there, cautious! Sorry for your dismay. I just wanted to know how did they see the endometriosis on your ovary prior to laporscopy? Do you have any prior history of issues, such as fibroids? I used to get large clots with my period as I got older they seemed to get bigger, I don't know if that's typical. I never had fibroids but can probably check the list for most everything else non- malignant. The fatigue goes with the territory as I at 2:30 pm ready to turn in, already had my dinner I'm like a senior citizen but I'm only 50 years old.


Hi ! I'm forty years old and have been suffering from heavy periods and blood clots for years during a ultrasound it was discovered I had several fibroids and something was on my left ovary but with a retroverted womb they couldn't make out or rule out anything nasty so was sent for further tests.A hysterscopy to remove polyp and ca125 test and an MRI my results came back nearly 2 wks ago consultant said I had endometriosis that's not just in my uterus its outside on tubes and ovaries and that there's several things they can do but best to have laproscopy to see how far the scaring /adhesions spread as it can go to bladder, bowels etc .This has taken 9 months to get this far and seems never ending.


No cyst not 2 inch x 2 inch this is the size of what I believe is endo lining or uterus lining that came out of myself last WK during a period after camIng off northisterone tablets .I don't know what size cyst is only be for I went for MRI I was told I have a 3cm fibroid attached to ovary but since found out i have endometriosis so not sure if its cyst or fibroid now I need to ask forgot to last appointment.


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