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Weight of endo cysts?? Explanation for protruding tum?

Hello I'm going through the diagnostic process of endo (consultant thinks highly likely) and have two cysts 4-5cm and 6-7cm on left side.

Does any one know how heavy these may be? My tummy is pretty large but I'm quite overweight anyway despite my best efforts. Has anyone noticed changes in weight gain/loss/fat distribution after treatment?

Thanks. I feel I'm going to have quite a lot of questions through this process

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The cysts are filled either with blood or clear liquid and will be as heavy as a balloon filled with water - so pretty heavy, But in addition to that, your tummy irritated by the presence of cysts can bloat up too

and in some recorded cases with what is called ascites,


I had a considerable bloating with a haemorrhagic/leaking cyst, it causes distention of the stomach - more than you would get with a normal monthly period bloat.

Ascites is not the same as bloat but the two have the same appearance.

I did have an 8cm cyst from the right ovary and a 6cm from the left and my belly button which is normally front and centre was the very first thing I noticed as it was heading to one side by a couple of inches - before I even knew I had a cysts - which then burst.

It depends on the location of the cysts but happy to report after surgery to remove the aliens the belly button returned to its normal position after the op and the bloat when too.

I didn't loose weight when i lost the cysts - because for several weeks having had so much work done inside - there was a lot of healing to be done and a lot of swelling and so on, so it isn't noticeable that any weight is lost - but once the surgery wounds are properly healed a few months later and if you take bc pills or mirena coil to stop periods then they leave you with a small bloat but it is stable not fluctuating in size with your period cycle.

I had a big hole op and that cut through 7 layers of tummy muscle and at the wound site the bikini line, there is a small paunch just above that which just won't shift, and a number of ladies have reported this paunch thing as being a battle wound you just have to accept as part and parcel of laparotomy surgery and getting well again. it's like a little shelf really. Pretty easy to hide in swimwear with a support panel. it doesn't botherme at all.

Weight will go up after surgery if you are sedentary and eating moe calories than you need, so keep an eye on portion sizes and cut back if you are less active and replace the food with drinking water which helps the healing.

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