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Confused about dye test for Fallopian tubes



I had a diagnostic lap in jan where my consultant agreed to carry out a dye test on my Fallopian tubes, after the lap I didn't see consultant but nurse said they found pelvic endometriosis, colonic adhesions but my tubes were open. This week I have been for my post op appointment, he showed me pics of endo and adhesions, there's quite a lot! The last photo was the dye test he said u can see here the dye ran out of this Fallopian tube and the other one u can see it's at the end of the tube but not ran out but it's probably open. I know I should have asked more but to be honest there was so much to take in and talking about my excision surgery was bad enough as I need a bowel surgeon too!!! Any idea's if that Fallopian tube is actually open???

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Hi there. Sorry to hear you are getting confusing information.

I know how you feel. I had the dye test and the radiographer who did it said my tubes were blocked and my only option was IVF. But when I went and saw the Gynae the report said everything was clear and fine! I wrote to the hospital that did the test to ask about the contradiction. I got a letter saying Radiographer was off ill, but the scan results have been looked at and yes my tubes were slow to fill and slowly spilled out but other than that all ok. A week later they wrote again, saying the radiographer was back and both she and the person who did the report have re-looked and yes my right tube is completely blocked with adhesions and my left is very slow to fill and leaks a little.

Apparantly having a tube or both tubes slow to fill and spill is a classic symptom of someone with endo, I was also told.

It could be from what you say that your tubes were slow to fill but are not blocked. However with them changing what they say and not being very clear I would write to the dept who did the test and ask for it to be looked into due to the contradictions you are being told. At least that way you know you have done all you can do and hopefully get a proper answer.

I hope I have been of some help x


Thanks for your help, I'm going in for a excision surgery so maybe I will ask again then. X

Hi, I too had a dye test during my diagnostic lap in Jan, and was told following the surgery that my left tube didn't spill, therefore maybe blocked, obviously I was very upset. My gynae suggested that I have a HSG done to make I did and low and behold both tubes open, spilling freely into the pelvic all good! I happen to be a radiographer myself, and have been involved in many HSG examinations so I could tell mine were normal straight way when looking at the screen. Anyways, the consultant who did the HSG said that lap dye test aren't always very reliable because your body is under anaesthetic. Lap dye test and HSG have the same common flaw...sometimes our tubes can go into spasm and even though they may be totally open and normal it can appear blocked. Usually with a little time(a few mins) the dye will spill if there's no blockage. I've seen this so many times with other patients. So it maybe that your tube is ok, and to find out definitively I'd suggest asking for a HSG. Hope this helps. X

Hi, thank you so much for your help! I will see what they say at my next op x

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