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Finally had my laparoscopy

So after 6 month's of waiting and getting rid of mrsa I finally had a laparoscopy on monday. I was so nervous as this was the first time I had been in hospital (even though I work in a hospital) I had to be sedated. I was in theatre for 3 hours (not the 45mins I thought). They told me after that they found 4 ovarian cysts, one 10cm wide. They also found that my womb is stuck to my bowel, for this they didnt do anything about. They then told me that eventually I would find it hard to have children. This was a shock as im 26 and have no plans yet for kids. Im now 4 days on and im finally starting to do stuff without extreme pain. To make things worse I have come on my period and still have the cramp feelings aswell as the surgery pains. They tell me i can go back to work in 3 days time. Not sure how I feel about this.

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Don't be confused by the hosp only signing you off work for the 1st week only - it is standard practise and certainly does not mean you are fit to return to work by any stretch of the imagination.

You need to see your GP and get signed off for at the very least another week and preferably two.

Remember you have been stabbed several times.I would imagine they have surgically removed the ovarian cysts - which leaves internal wounds that need to heal and your organs to settle back in the spaces previously occupied by cysts.

1 week is simply NOT enough recovery time. It may be okay for the super fit with a desk bound job, who simply had a dignostic look around and nothing done inside - but even then it is stretching things a bit.

Please book to see your GP tomorrow if you can get an appointment or monday if you can and get an extension sick note.

On no account go back to work so soon unless you are 100% sure you are not in any more pain and the wounds are healed up.

You will just end up having a painful set back and unable to work again for a while.


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