Endometriosis UK

Please sign this petition for better healthcare for people with Endometriosis in Australia!

My partner made this petition for Endometriosis as i'm a sufferer and nothing is being done about it in Australia!

If you could sign it, it would help ALOT


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Hi - fantastic - thankyou Andy from another Aussie suffering from Endo - I will share this one EVERYWHERE!


Thank you so much! People need to become more aware :)


I've signed up. I know just how important petitions like this are. I am a women living in the UK, and I have a diagnosis of Endo. I set up a very similar petition a while ago, to ask for better treatment, and so forth, for women in the UK. I think it's really important that WORLDWIDE, this disease is better recognised, and more effectively treated.

I wish you all the very best,

Elaine Ellis.


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