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So after an ectopic an pain for months I have been diagnosed with endometriosis. Still waiting for tests and what not and just wanted a bit

More info any can give. Anything from detials of what happens in further diagnosis or treatment would be great. Im only 23 and scared witless. We really want another baby but im scared this wont happen. Sorry its a bit vague but dont know much or what to ask. X

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Endo doesnt always mean that you cant have any more children. Have they told you how severe the endo is yet and whether you will have a lap? I am 24 and had my first lap when I was 23, its not fun but it is bearable I promise, even I managed to get through it! Depending on how much endo you have and where it is will depend on whether you will have more children. They can never say for sure but they are able to blast off the endo from where it is growing (for me it was around my ovaries) and that should give you a greater chance of being able to have children again.

Make sure you let them know how important it is for you to have kids again and they should be able to give you more information regarding the possibility of this and also when would be best for you to try again.

Hope this helps! If you need anyone to talk to I am new to this site so I am happy to answer anything if I can! xx


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