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Endometriosis Keyring

Endometriosis Keyring

Hello ladies!

I have been busy making Endometriosis keyrings, during my recovery. I am selling them and all the money I make will go to Endometriosis UK. They are done with purple and yellow embroidery thread and have a silver ribbon hope charm at the bottom. If anybody is interested please let me know. Cost is £3.00 with free p+p to the UK, payment will be through paypal. I have included a picture so you can all see.

I can also do Breast Cancer which will be white with pink ribbons.

Hope you are all well.

Hugs xoxo

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Hi there,

What a fab thing to do while recovering. I would love one- how do I buy are they on eBay? xxx


Hey could you private message me and I will give you the details love! Xxx


Oh wow, I never knew about that page, I will look into that, thank you so much for the tip.


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