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please read this. I'm desperate.

I've posted about this before, but I've been updated. so I am 16 y/o and have been struggling w EXTREME bad periods since I was 11 to where I throw up all the time and almost pass out and don't go to school or anything else because it's so bad. I've been hospitalized because a 6 cm cyst when I was 11, and was put on every single name and level of birth control you can think of.. but it made me bleed for 4 months straight so I was taken off and do not have cyst problems anymore. I have been struggling w/ left abdominal pain for almost 2 years now , along w very bad pelvic pain and random period-like cramping even when I'm way off my period and not ovulating. it has gotten so bad that I would have to sit down while shopping and then would throw up in the bathroom. I've been to the ER many times because of it and basically live at the hospital because I am there all of the time getting tests done. I've had blood work done many times to find cancer and it wasn't found. I've had ultrasounds, internal ultrasounds, exploratory surgery, laproscopic surgery, a colonoscopy, a chemical D&C, Pap smears, etc.. but everything is coming back normal. Endometriosis runs in the family and I have the same symptoms my aunt has. I also have bad pain when I run,walk long periods of time, and push to go to the bathroom (my colon is completely healthy though.) but when I had the surgery, endo wasn't found. and my GYN is sending me to a Pelvic specialist to see if they find anything. note: I have never been sexually active, I've been tested for UTI's and do not have one.

I really need to know if anyone has had the same issues like me and found out it is something completely different than Endo because apparently there isn't any found.

thank you so much. I can't do this anymore.

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This post is several days old but - who did you have your laproscopic done with? (not a specific doctor's name, but rather was it just a Gyno, family doctor, or specialist?) I've heard of people having their endo missed before because the surgeon didn't know exactly what to look for. I think it'd be worth having a 2nd opinion from a specialist based on your symptoms!


it was done by my gyno. I've had to switch to like 3 different doctors because none would listen to me or would want to take any further steps, and I figured it was because I'm young and they just don't believe I have any problems. anyway, we talked to my regular doc for an opinion on what to do and she said to check w the pelvic Doctor. if we can't find anything I'll go to an endo specialist.


I know this isn't endo related but before I had my endo flare up really badly (I'm still waiting for a lap), I had pain with scoliosis, have you had an x-Ray?

My pain with scoliosis was mostly if I ran like you I would have to rush to the washroom, it might've been endo but after I started physiotherapy and they worked on the curve and pelvic floor my symptoms improved but then I got heavy bleeding and it all went down hill.

When you run are you drinking a lot? And also drinking sports drinks with electrolytes?

I would get a second opinion with a specialist if you can.


I don't have scoliosis or anything. all my problems get worse on period. and I don't drink sports drinks and I drink enough water.