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Allergy unknown

I need advice on a suspected allergy.

Recently at the weekend I was at work, and a colleague of mine used my headset to take a call on my phone. Afterwards she gave me my headset back and I noticed my ear which was in contact with the headset had became very itchy. This soon spread to my throat, and eyes. My eyes started to swell on Monday - Tuesday. The swelling and itching has calmed down, but by today Wednesday night my nose is completely blocked and is causing a lot of discomfort and headache. Also, I found it very difficult to see when my swelling at my eyes was bad earlier in the week. I've got an eczema skin condition and have experienced a bad allergic reaction when I was younger at about 7 years ago. I'm 19 now, and still have no idea what is causing this reaction and if it is EVEN an allergy. Does it sound like an allergy? Despite only coming on twice in my lifetime?

Any help appreciated


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It sounds to my like you've got a sinusitis or a sinus infection. Do you have pain/tenderness when you rub/touch the bridge and sides of your nose, just in-front of and behind your ears, the tops of your eye sockets and around your eyebrows? If yes then it's definitely a sinus problem.

If your symptoms persist for more than a week and you have thick, greeny-yellow mucous then see your doctor, you will probably be prescribed some sort of antibiotics.

In the meantime try taking antihistamines, if it is an allergy then they will definitely help.


Hiya xxx my initial suspect would be perfume or makeup residue from the other users face . pleass contact your gp and seek referal for core allergy testing as the first point . IF this proves negitive and you have symotoms in 2areas of your body then other conditions can be considered . WHat reaction did you have 7yrs ago ? do you have any random rashes ?


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