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Snap crackle and pop

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Hey guys and gals,

I’m sure we’re all aware of the daily clicks n grinding our joints make, but does anyone get them sensations ever worse when in a flare up. I’m used to pain flare ups and what to do etc etc but this one has been accompanied with grinding n clicking in places I didn’t realise I had lol mainly in my back. I know it’s not cause to panic and I know my spine moves but does anyone seem to get more joint movement than usual when the pain flares up?

I hope this makes sense lol


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Hi Lanadc88,

yes I find when I'm in a bad spell the clicking and clunking gets worse. My physio explained that a lot of it is from the tendons flicking over inflamed muscle tissue. She spends a lot of time on them when I see her and by the time she is finished it's a lot less. But also subluxing is a bigger problem when I'm in a bed spell, so there is that clunking too.

Hi Lanadc88

I always find I get more clunking and clicking when I am having a flare up I was told the clicking was due to tendons as delli mentioned in her post but the clunking seems to correlate with subluxations.

Right now I am having really bad pain in shoulder/collar bone the joint is very unstable and can here clunking as the joint moves I also get it when my hip and pelvis flare up too.

Thanks you both I did assume that was what it was it just seemed that this flair was more vocal than usual lol. Ouch shoulder and collar bone are one of the worst I think as you just can’t seem to get anything To work on the pain. I hope the flare eases down for you soon. Lots of rest x

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