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Holidays - some top tips

Here are some tips for going on holiday when you have ME.

1. Begin your preparations well in advance. As well as organising travel and accommodation, you may need to do tasks such as:

- renew your passport

- arrange travel insurance

- order currency

- apply for a European Health Card if you are travelling in Europe: applyehic.org

- cancel newspapers/milk

- redirect post

- arrange for pets to be looked after

- look out travel adaptors for electrical items

- ask your doctor for enough medicines to cover the duration of your trip.

It's also wise to start packing your suitcase early, so you are not caught out having to buy things at the last minute.

2. As travelling can be tiring, schedule time to rest before and after your stay. You can also build rest times into your time away.

3. Ask plenty of questions about your accomodation before committing yourself. Have other people reviewed it favourably? Pick somewhere that suits your needs. If you like peace and quiet, and you value your sleep, don't stay in the centre of a noisy city!

4. Self catering can be a good option if you are holidaying with other people. There is no obligation to be up early for breakfast, you can more easily manage if you are on a special diet. and eating in is cheaper than eating out. Also, if you want a quiet day, you can stay in while your travel companions go out.

5. If you are unable to get away on holiday, e.g. if you are housebound, why not consider a 'virtual holiday' from home to give you a flavour of the real thing. See holidaysfromhome.co.uk/.

You can read more holiday advice on the article on our website here: edmesh.org.uk/2008/05/make-...

Action for ME also have a free leaflet on holiday and respite care, with some suggestions of suitable accommodation: actionforme.org.uk/Resource...

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