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Pacing Tips During School?

Hi All, I'm 15 and in year 10 and was diagnosed with CFS back in December.

I've tried pacing myself during the day, but find it difficult as getting to classes (when I'm in school) involves walking up and down stairs, across courtyards etc. and it gets me really tired and achy.

I just wanted to know if there are any tips on pacing and knowing how much energy you have...


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Unfortunately it's almost like a trial and error situation as all our bodes are different. also with CFS what works for you one day may make you tired and achy the next or have a knock on a effect the day or two after.

I'm 21 and work in a primary school so I know exactly what you mean about the fatigue and aches it causes walking from class to class ect.

just got to do your best. I find walking fast helps me with my mind set... the quicker I get then the quicker I can rest... the faster I walk, the less time I will be in this much pain. but sometimes that is not possible and I just have to drag myself along the corridor like a slug on the pavement haha

hope this helped In some way!


Yes thanks, I will work on my mindset thanks.


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