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I am new here and undiagnosed

Hi, i am hoping somebody can help me. I have been having problems for about 1 year now. starting when i get up in the morning stiff all over can hardly stand on my feet with pain, every day in pain lower back and neck shoulders and knees, arm and legs feel like lead, hips sore especially when walking up stairs. always tired and drained major sleep and thought problems, every day just felt like a struggle, always felt like something was squeezing my body. went to my doctors have had about 18 different bloods taken, then seen by rheumatology doctor more bloods, x rays and mri scan everything comes back clear. have had steroid injections twice now, tried 4 different types of tablets nothing helped until i tried amitriptyline, they have helped with the sleep and thought process, currently on 75 mg a day, but have not helped with the pain. decided to come off the tablets, bad move after 1 week was as bad as ever, so back on them now. anybody any ideas.

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No diagnosis then? Sounds very much like Fibromyalgia but did anyone check the specific pain points for Fibro? You can look this up.

Let me know how it is going. We have a MESiG Support Group tomorrow at 2pm . It's for people with ME/CFS/Fibro and is held monthly in Llanishen, Cardiff.

All the best.



Thanks for the reply miriam, went to my own GP today and she thinks it might be fibromyalgia. Have a review with rheumatology Dr next month hopefully they will finally come to a conclusion.

Many thanks.



Hi I take those 2 at night but also pregablin 150mg at night and in the morning. They do help in the mornings takes about 30mins but your body feels less like you have been battered all night and your pain does shift I usually take some kind of pain killer too and start Vitiman D it helps. Hope it works tell your G.P you want to try the pregablin with your amitryptiline I had the condition about 9 years but this last 3 months have been quite bad I'm still working but when I get home I crash and weekends I now need to slow down but I have had a good run in terms of working. Good luck Brid


Thank for the reply Brid. I have got appointment with Rheumatology in 2 weeks i will ask to try pregablin. I am also still working as a chef but my job is killing me at the moment, Most days when i finish i get into bed for about 1 hour, so i think i need a career change.

Many Thanks.



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