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Does the weather effect this?

I'm new to this so appreciate your help. I have been diagnosed with IBS, and more recently diverticular disease, affecting the whole bowel. Also, fibrro mialgia! I think the doctor is at a loss to really explain my pain and weakness, I consider these to be label's that really don't explain why my body is packing up on me! I've also been taking thyroxin for 28 yes. Just had a medical review last week, no update on that, I just feel totally exhausted,I can't just do nothing, I have a small farm and really it's what makes the day worth getting up for, I just wish I didn't get so depressed, wish I could, face each new day with a smile instead of a groan. I don't expect any improvement, but it is nice to read all your comments and know this isn't all just my imagination. I'm 67 now, don't expect to make old bones, is there a life expectancy with this?

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