Post viral fatigue turned into CFS?

Hi there, new to this so hang in there! I have several health conditions and am on long term immunosuprsion, after shingles and viral pleurisy this year I've been left permanently exhausted, I've been told in the past after colds ect that I have post viral fatigue but this feels like something more.

I am exhausted, my limbs feel heavy, I've developed lactose intolerance, I have a sore stiff neck and sore throat, I get headaches and severe pain in my outer right thigh. I have days where I only get up to eat or drink and use the toilet then good days where I can function better but if I over do it I suffer for days after.

I am trying to eat better and am about to cut out caffeine and the occasional glass of wine that I used to enjoy as its making me feel worse the next day.

I have no social life and struggle to look after myself/house and dog. Thankfully my kids have grown up but are more like my carers.

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Hello sleepingbeauty74,

I am experiencing similar symptoms and went to my GP to discuss things.

They will usually carry out blood tests to rule out more common conditions such as anaemia, diabetes, thyroid issues, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, liver and kidney function tests etc.

Have you spoken to your GP/had any of these tests?

Like you, I can barely look after myself and I find all the waiting/not knowing incredibly frustrating.


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