im going round in circles

So just over five weeks ago i noticed a big difference in my health one that I am concerned about. I have noticed that i feel tired and lethargic alot. I also have muscle cramps, feel nausea, been drink about 120 cl of black current a day, wake up with a dry throat, sleep at least 7 hours a night yet never feel refreshed and struggle to control my body tempter leaving me feeling extra cold most of the time. then sometime but it dont happen very often i become extra warm. Over the 5 weeks i have gotten worse and some of the stymptoms i didnt have at the start of the 5 weeks but i picked them up along the way.

So the week before i started feeling bad i went for a blood test to make sure i am on the right does for my hypothyroidism as i was due one. So i decied to not do anything about my symptons as i thought the blood test might point something else out to them which it did as i was told i had low iron levels and was told i could be anaemic which would of explained why i am feeling un well. However lads didnt get enough bloods so i had to have another blood test done which took longer to compleate than it should of, only to find out there is nothing wrong with me. I exsplaned to the gp who spoke to me about my reslouts about how i wasnt feeling well and he told me too speak to this other gp as he specialises in my symptoms.

I thought maybe i will get someone where and that they would be able to help me in some way which turned to be no help at all. I was told that my symptoms sound like me but was told as I have fibromyalgia as well that the two would go hand in hand. I was then told that i could have a sick note for work and that if i feel unwell i should just rest as my gp says he cant do anything else. I dont think that sick note for work will make me feel any better as i dont normaly feel really bad till after words and a nice goodnighst sleep and relaxing sunday cures that most of the time as i only work saturday as I go to college four days a week.

So i am just going round in cricles as whilst im getting worse my gp wont do anything at all. He wont even send me to tested for me as he believes thats what i have and there for wont do anything to help me. its driving me insane as im hating feeling ill and not being able to do anything about it.

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Hey, I'm in a similar situation got told over a month ago I had M.E Then the bloods came back after 4weeks with abnormalities, but showed no muscle inflammation. My GP says that gives a slight possibility it's not M.E (fingers crossed) Took me years to get any anywhere with the docs, you just have to persevere maybe try another doctor or GP practice. I know how frustrating it can be! I had been told it was just migraines for ages and I knew myself that wasn't all it was. Sometimes when you're diagnosed with one thing they tend to put everything down to that.

The GP I've got now has been great! He's sending me to a rheumatologist to investigate more thoroughly. I get nausea, fatigue, occasional vomiting, muscle pain, dry throat, dizziness, headaches and the sensitivity to light and feeling hot n cold. The list goes on and on. At the moment I can barely walk and like you it only got worse in the last 5weeks or so. Though probably being out at the weekend didn't help. I think rest is really important I usually need a good few days to rest after just being out one day. I know it'll be mega boring and a nightmare missing college, but maybe a few days rest would do you good?

I know its hard to deal with docs sometimes you just gotta make them listen. Omeprozole seems to stop my nausea and vomiting. Co-codamol is all they've gave me for the muscle ache it does seem to ease it a little. It is a stronger dose than over the counter stuff you could try. Hope you feel better soon


naproxen are good for muscle pain.


Yeah they do help a great deal I take them aswell as paracetamol every 4 hours and gabapentin.

I found without them I had a lot more pain amphylarite works for ME too. Mostly helps give a full nights sleep.


Seanto I wonder how you are getting on.

M.E does have a long frustrating process with no tests or cure I feel your pain. It took 2 years all in for me to be diagnosed 1Year with an array of symptoms doctors couldn't figure out. Eventually luckily found a doctor that had knowledge of M.E. it then took a year for ruling out of other conditions the GP left it to the rheumatologist ro diagnose after 1Year of ruling out other conditions. It's a long road but don't let it dampen your spirits it's not your fault there isn't enough knowledge of it in the nhs and I found the doctors were uneasy to tell me that they thought that's what it was.

All the best to you x


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