Vaccines and me/cfs

Vaccines and me/cfs

I was just wondering if anyone else has suffered a relapse in their symptoms after receiving vaccinations? I've had this condition now for 29 years, some of which were so bad I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. I've also had around 6 good years where I was functioning fairly normally. I had a mild relapse in 2008 after I sanded some outdoor furniture which had mould spores on it and limped along until I invested in an Airnergy unit in 2011. I improved such a lot while on it we decided to go to Thailand on holiday. This required several vaccinations one of which was a combined Hepatitis A and typhoid. My body coped really well with them until I had to have a separate booster for Hep A several months after we had returned from holiday(now Jan 2012). The following day I felt horrendous, couldn't get up, just wanted to curl up and sleep forever. I have tried detoxing, take lots of supplements, changed my diet but still burn out very quickly and easily. I can't categorically say that the vaccination was to blame but the symptoms were so severe just a day after having it that I feel there must be a link. I have been looking into the Rapha Centre near Dunblane and was also wondering if anyone has been there and if they found it helped them.

Wishing you all well.

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  • My previous GP was very wary of me having vaccinations lest they cause a bad reaction/relapse. I guess how you react depends on how good your system is when you have the jab. I have never heard of the Rapha Centre. Good luck.

  • Thanks Abundance. I think I had one too many for my system to cope with. I had a small reaction to the flu jab the month before but never anticipated how bad this one was going to be! The Rapha Centre test a sample of your hair and determine from that what minerals etc you might be lacking in. They also test all the supplements you're taking to make sure your body can tolerate them, the aim is to bring body back into balance again so it can start healing. My neighbours sister went along around about a year ago and she is now 100% better. I had put off making an appointment as I was a bit sceptical but hearing how she has improved so much I thought I would give it a try.

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