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Hi there my partner has just been diagnosed with Mesangiocapillary glomerulonephritis. Hes struggling to get his creatine down and is on MMF

Has anyone any experiences of MMF.....and foods to avoid...thanks so much. My d...

Still stable and able to live a good life

I joined the site when my husband first went onto dialysis but haven't written f...

hi hospital visit

just thought I would let you know that the hospital has discharged me into the c...

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone on this forum has fibromyalia as well as CKD?


I have stage 3 CKD [ GFR 37 ] I frequently have urine infections, and I worry ...

Just diagnosed ckd 3 with 20 week old baby. Having panic. Need a lift out of this preoccupied state of mind. Can anyone help please?

Im 43, and just been diagnosed with ckd 3a 20 weeks after having my second daugh...

My new blood tests show GFR of 48 ml/ min renal impairment ,what dose this mean to me.

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