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Giving one of my kidneys


The question I ask myself everyday is how to help someone that suffers, someone who is in pain and how I have to do it in order to feel that I realized something important in my life, by my own forces. I'm quite strong physically and I think I can live without any problem with just one of my kidneys. There are many, many people who really need to be helped to live just a little bit better. I’m serious, I’m 45 and I have never been able to help as I should do

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John, that is a very generous thought. You will need to get in touch with the National Kidney Federation personally for their advice as how best to go about this. Beware of giving any personal details on sites such as this.



This is a selfless and generous thought. Assuming you are in the UK, Kidney Care UK can talk to you about all the options/pitfalls etc. It could be a lengthy process: lots of hospital tests and counselling to be sure you are physically and mentally fit for this type of surgery. As Celtic wisely advised, do not give out any personal information on here or to anyone who tries to contact you directly. There is a very strict protocol for this. I wish you well.



hi iv had a kidney from a str.anger..

and hero comes into mind...what an amazing thing to do for some one else.


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