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Wow! Confused as all get out! Please help make sense

Hello all i have Bern getting really sick since December, i have been thinking about a few possible conditions, but wasn't this confused until i went in to the ER on the 11th, they ran a cbc, complete metabolic panel, and urinalysis, i have some strange results, my doctor wants to send me to a kidney specialist and im trying to get a rheumatologist to rule a few things out, but i was hoping maybe someone could point me in any direction for when i finally do get to see a kidney specialist, is that possible here? I have my labs, any help is appreciated, let me know, thanks all!

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Would love to help. Have you ever had kidney issues before or were results always normal? If you can share your labs I really think I can clear things up for you. Take care


Oh thank you! Please ignore the bacteria in the urinalysis, the darn ER didn't giveme an alcohol whipe...

Troponin I 0.02 ng/ml (l=0.00 h=0.04)

Found TSH was hidden 1.920 uiu/ml (l=0.340 h=4.820)

Sodium 139 (l=136 h=135)

Potassium 3.0 (l=3.5 h=5.1)

Chloride 97 (l=98 h=107)

C02 20 (l=21 h=32)

BUN 20 (L=7 H=18)

Creatinine 0.8 (L=0.6 H=1.0)

Glucose 94 (L=64 H=99)

BUN/creat 3 (l=6 h=25)

Calcium 9.8 (8.5 h=10.1)

Alkaline phos 99 (l=46 h=119)

Total BILI 0.70 (0.00 h=0.90)

Total protein 8.5 (l=6.4 h=8.2)

Albumin 4.6 (l=3.4 h=3.4 h=5.4)

Globulin 3.9 (l=2.2 h=4.4)

A\G ratio 1.18 (l=0.80 h=2.00)

ALT/SGPT 28 (l=14 h=59)

ANION GAP 25 ( l=5 h=15)

GFR 85 (l=61 h=220)

GFRAA 103 (l=61 h=220)

WBC 8.2 (l=4.8 h10.8)

RBC 5.65 (l=3.5 h=5.50)

HGB 16.0 (l=12.0 h=16.0

HCT 46.9 (l=35.0 l=46.0)

MCV 83 (l=79 h=98

MCH 28.3 (l=27.0 h=32.0)

MCHC 34.1 (l=32.0 h=36.2)

RDW 15.0 (l=11.0 h=15.0

PLATELETS 257 (l=130 h=400)

MPV 10.7 (l=7.4 h=10.4)

%NEUT 10.7 (l=7.4 h=10.4)

%LYMPH 26.3 (l=20.5 h=45.5)

%MONO 12.7 (l=4.3 h=9.0)

%EOS 0.4 (l=0.9 h=2.9)

%BASO 0.6 (l=0.0 h=1.5)


COLOR YELLOW (normal straw-yellow)

CLARITY CLEAR (normal clear)

SPEC GRAVITY 1.020 (normal 1.000

PH 6.0 (normal 5.0-7.0)

LEUKOCYTES NEGATIVE (normal negative)

NITRATE NEGATIVE (normal negative)

PROTEIN TRACE (normal negative)

GLUCOSE NEGATIVE (normal negative)

KETONES >=80 (normal negative)

UROBILINOGEN 0.2 (normal 0.2-4)

BILIRUBIN SMALL (normal negative)

BLOOD SMALL (normal negative)

EPITHELIAL FEW (normal none-moderate)

WBC 0-2 (normal 0-2)

RBC 2-5 ( normal 0-2)

BACTERIA MODERATE (normal none seen)

CRYSTALS NONE SEEN (normal none seen)

CASTS NONE SEEN (normal none seen)

FREE T4 1.56 (l=0.76 h=1.46)


I really appreciate it!


Regarding you seeing a Nephrologist with an eGFR of 85. Here in the UK we are not usually referred until we reach stage 4 with a eGFR between 15 to 29 , with exceptions., but we are monitored by our G Ps, several times a year for blood/urine tests.

Your blood test results seem fine, however our results in UK do sometimes differ from those in the USA, hopefully someone from the USA will be more helpful.


Thank you! I am trying to get into a rheumatologist, i suspect Sjogrens and or lupus is happening, as i have 13 symptoms of and 14 symptoms of lupus and i have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and in my research i have found that Sjogrens can put proteins in your urine and give you urinary frequency, urgency and pain which i do have, but i do not feel a bladder infection/uti at all, i got them often in my teens and am very familiar with the feeling, i am supposed to get allergy shots in the sorry of neat future so i definitely will see the specialist just to confirm they are healthy, i need that shot! Again another night of no sleep, thanks for the reassurance! I'm so hopeful now i will be able to get the other medial treatments i so need :)


You may find our "Vasculitis UK" site more beneficial for Lupus and Sjogrens.

I hope you have a better night's sleep, it makes all the difference.


Thanks! I'll go check it out!


Hi .i had all the symptoms of auto immune diseases( Lupus etc ) for years.i developed a rapid decrease in kidney function so was sent to a nephrologist who did antibodychecks and the one for Lupus and auto immune hepatitis were positive. Next step was the rheumatologist who said these antibodies can be high in those of us over 60 without having the Lupus and other conditions.H e was more concerned with my joint pains and found I had massive inflammation in my wrists !!having MR I scans and nerve tests and ops on wrists. Just wanted to say that the symptoms you are having could be due to inflammation in your body and you might not have the conditions you think .i have started vitamin D supplements ( iwas low) and have tried to remove anything that has the possibility of causing inflammation ( in my case foods that I have an intolerance to. Wheat , whole milk, cod haddock and tuna.allergies to dust mite and together with vit D am feeling really well and my kidney function has improved. In my area there is a high number of ladies with my symptoms and have been treat ed for possible Lupus. MS. ME. Fibromyalgia. Autoimmune hepatitis.it is thought there are clusters all over the country springing up and professors are doing trials to see why this is happening. Your GFR is fine so wonder why you have been referred to specialists and what strange results were found in your blood tests. Try not to worry. Ann.


Oh god i feel I'm never going to figure this out, does hep or anything cause extreme eye nose throat and "other" area dryness and excrement thick mucus, i have developed allergies while i got all these other things? Im not producing moisture correctly and am in terrible pain and get almost no sleep, i cry for 20min and make maybe 5 tears, what do i do if i think i have an inflammatory disease and im feeling thus awful? How long can you have it before you feel like death? Thanks for all the advice! Loves


Also should i be worried that I've made my man sick? He doesn't seem to be sick in any way i am, we've been together permanently 10+ years and I've never felt like this but have always had chronic muscle pain and joint pain?


I looked at hep lab abnormalities, they don't super match, i was on antidepressants and such, could those make your liver look a little funny like low BUN etc?


I am at a place in Weimar , California called Newstart. There are people here whose helped by this Lifestyle Center. Google it.


Awesome! Thank you for this helpful tip! I will definitely Google it!


Your sodium levels are a bit high and your potassium is low. Creatinine is fine and eGFR is a bit on the low side for a healthy kidney - plus you are "leaking" protein. But these kidney numbers should not make you feel sick - yet.


Ooh, i don't know why i feel so awful really, all i know is i cry every night and i feel like death all the time, so they should be ok, at least enough to get allergy shots? But you would suggest looking into it before it gets worse? Thank you!


I am at a place in Weimar , California called Newstart . There are people here being helped by this place. Google it.


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