Continuing Infections

It's a while since I posted but since then, I had renoscopy to remove multiple kidney stones that had shown up on all my CT scans, which would stop the recurring infections. When I came round from the anesthetic I was told I didn't have any stones at all. So I'm back to square one with ongoing infections and Fosfomycin being the only oral antibiotic that works.

My eGFR was 41 at the last test which has reduced from 51 in a 2 month period. I've been booked in for bladder instillation but I've not actually been able to go yet because you can't start the course until you are free of infection.

I know that no-one can really help with any advice but it's helped me just by being able to write it down. Thanks.

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Hi cyclemma

You must get really fed up. I haven't been through what you are going through, but I do still get bladder and urinary tract infections, even though I haven't passed urine for over 20 years. They are at best uncomfortable, at worst, make you feel terrible. Thank goodness there's an antibiotic which works for you. There will be others who have suffered like you and may be able to offer more support and advice. Hood luck. X


It is difficult but thanks for the support


Praying for you. God can do anything!