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So been informed by my gp this week that my bloods results have come back, 2 positives, the rheumatoid arthritis tests have come back as negatives, Woop Woop - official label is now osteoarthritis in my lower back; however.........there is always a but isn't there ..............blood test for kidneys has come back as stage 3a CKD (49) and my parathyroid as 92 &still vitamin D deficent, urghhh. Now the parathyroid is a new one, one which I had never heard about, but a test had been done 2yrs ago and it was 92 then, alas no one took any notice of the result, until my current gp noticed it and retested me - still at 92.

Now can anyone tell me what is supposed to happen as my gp is unsure and said i have Secondary Parathroidism - keep taking my vitamins d (adcal d3) and have rest done in 12 months time.....................Erm is that it ????

Any help on the Parathyroidism would be great as I have never heard of it before & everything on the internet sounds like scary stuff.

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Are you sure you have been advised to take vitamin D supplements ? There are some conditions that involve both adnormal parathyroid and vitamin D levels.Have you had your calcium levels checked ?, if not, ask your Gp to repeat the vitamin D and parathyroid tests, along with your calcium levels.If your calcium levels are also raised, your gp should order furthrr tests to establish the cause of your abnormal levels.

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My vit D was done via hospital and is 19, gp has repeated testvsevetral times, same results, however she states that the calcium level ius normal but hasn't stated what the Kevel for it us.


do you see a consultant your parathyroid needs to be got at a good level! the consultant will know better how to adjust your medication! my husband also has problems the consultant is always the one to alter things he takes vit d but it is forever being adjusted! sounds like you have renal bone disease! this has very similar to oesteoarthritis my hubby broke his ribs it really needs sorting out properly 2 years between blood tests is wrong!


Hi You need to ask your doctor to test your Calcium PTH and Vitamin D at the same time. These 3 tests need to be looked at together. If you can post your results even if the doctor says they are normal as there is a lot of misdiagnosis in this area. You may have Secondary Parathyroidism but this is normaly associated with a low calcium reading and if that is the case, vitamin D would bring down your PTH and sort you out. If the calcium is not low it is important that further investigation should be done to rule out Hyperparathyroidism which is cured by an operation.


Hi, I went back to go and asked for her to send me back to my renal consultant after trolling the net and finding out some stuff. My appointment was a week & a half ago. Renal doc has sent me for quite a few blood tests and stated that if my PTH is still high a scan on my neck will be the next thing. I have to admit its been the best thing I did, she is reviewing all my meds, insisting that rheumatology appointment is brought forward & she's even stated that my PTH will be sorted out and everything necessary done - feeling more contented & eagerly awaiting results & next appointment in 3mths time :)


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