Do I come under the Dyslexia


I was tested in the last 12 months for Dyslexia and the issues i have are slow proccessing speed and short term memory issues. This was also shown several years ago when I was tested. Because the wording Dyslexia was not used in context with these issues. I will not be entitled to reasonable ajustments in the workplace. Would this be correct.

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  • Hi,

    Have you had a work based assessment done by access to work?

    What this document covers is how your dyslexic effects your job and lists some reasonable adjustments that your work place and manager should put in place to support you.

    More info can be found here

    For me this was the best thing I have ever done as so many people think of dylexica as as a reading and writting problem and do not appreciate the full extent of the condition mine does explain about slower processing speeds.

    Hope this helps

  • Thank you for your kind reply. My issue is that although my issues have been itendified eg short term memory and slow proccessing speed it hasnt dare i say it been given a label so therefore my workplace dont have to give me reasonable adjustments. I know only to well how it effects me from a job front and other ways. I would like to know if i am still entitled to reasonable adjustments. I had a assessment 2002 and i was treated as a Dyslexic because the issues were treated as Dyslexia within work but now at there request of my job i was reassessed because they want me to work somewhere different. My test came back not Dyslexic but have the short term memory and slow proccessing speeds. Should I still be entitled to reasonable adjustments at work .

  • Might be worth making contact with access to work and see if they can give you some advice as am not sure as your situation is diffrent to mine

  • Thank u.x

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