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Inspiration to get you through

Determination and the will and want to do something can help you overcome many challenges in life. :)

I have found that just by thinking that I can do something; it can help get me through. I can't spell very well and I have terrible co-ordination.

In some ways someone could think that these were barriers stopping or hindering my way through life. However, when you think (when I think) positively about a situation and how to overcome extra difficulties or obstacles, which may otherwise seem overwhelming or impossible.

I find that not only does it give me greater motivation to see the completion of tasks (particularly with writing), It gives me greater satisfaction in the completion of those tasks as I know just how much effort and determination it took to complete them. :)

So, just believe in yourself, give it everything you have plus another 100%, double the work may seem daunting but just remember it is double the satisfaction on completion and never ever be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help.

:) Being able to ask for help is imperative and If you can't ask, :( well... find someone who understands, on-line, a friend, a club...this is a good place :) . Someone else maybe out there and they maybe too afraid to ask for help too.

It could even be on a completely unrelated subject but they may share the fear that you have and once you can and you will, get over that fear you will be able to ask for any help you need. Then the world….. it will be yours.

I believe in you.

I hope you do too


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Thanks for your message. I am sure it will encourage everybody. At the moment I am including 'self esteem' and 'coping strategies' into my teaching of KS2 Dyslexic learners as I feel a strong, confident attitude is so important especially as they become older. So thanks for your words about what a positive outlook can achieve!


Thanks for sharing :)


Thank you for your refreshing and up lifting message.


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