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What was the point of all that hassle from work only for me to be let go in March


Well all that hassle I was put under by my boss & HR at work have been for nothing, I was basically told it's up to you if you want to have the assessments, but you will have to pay for it and then claim it back in the usual way. Nothing was followed up with me so nothing happened, as I was only covering for a woman on maternity leave they have given me my exit letter and my contract will not be extended.

So my last day is the 8th of March, as I am the only one who knows exactly what my role involves I have been asked to do an instruction manual of EVERYTHING my role involves by my boss. This will be so they can get someone new in who will not be as good as me care about the job or even know the system etc inside and out like I do.

I have been well and truly set up, and do not understand why it's always me that this happens to. I work very hard and do care about getting things done and the right way, and am always proffessonal. Although I did have my yearly review and got 100% in all the elements they deciede were important. I told some of my colleagues, who said "No one ever gets 100%" so I guess I should be proud of myself for putting in the hard work and extra time. But I am really angry because they don't see what an asset I have been for them, I have done all they asked me to and more. So much so that I go in early just to prepare the documents needed to be sent out with the information we send, I have been known to stay late to get a job completed as I know that it is important and needed to be done.

I don't complain to my bosses I just do it and they know it, so it is upsetting that they do this to me even though they do know I have dyslexia they just don't want someone who they see as "different etc" working for them they want someone who is "Normal" But my other colleagues know and appreciate everything I do and know I put everything I've got into my job, they have said they will really miss me.

Although this blog doesn't seem to be about my dyslexia, I needed to put my feelings down about the situation I am in at the moment. Thank you for reading my blog!!

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Take heart you and your colleagues (and I expect even your boss) know how hard you have worked and what a good job you have done. I am not sure of any legal implications so can't advise you of this. I would be tempted to say that the manual will be difficult to do as you have Dyslexia; but I am not sure if this is an area of difficulty for you. It sounds like you are trying to remain professional to the end even though this is difficult. I am sorry to hear about your situation.


Thank you Dyslexia-tutor, I know some of my colleagues as I said appreciate everything I have done and in some cases at times even though they are not aware I have dyslexia don't know how I do what I do.

My boss never praises me or acknowledges just how much I do, and the contribution I make to the team. So much so there was an award night at work for all the company, we had to vote for our team in different catagories. I would have thought I would have been either nominated or even have won an award, but alas nope, even if I did get some nominations my boss would have ruled me out. The colleague that did get the "Team Member of the year award" was the guy who is also one of the ones kept on when the redundancies were going on, and of course he is the "Golden boy" of the team can do no wrong.

I am able to do the maual, but find it difficult to explain how to do it, I can show someone how to do it when they are with me watching me do it. But when it comes to thinking and putting into simple idiot proof form (for my boss to understand!!!) it can be difficult. Even the guy who's staying had trouble explaining when we sat down yesterday to try and do this and he's what us dyslexic's call "Normal"

Even when she asks me how to do something, and I try to explain to her, she gets what I am saying to her totally the wrong way round. I would even say she isn't really listening to me at all.

He is away for 2 weeks and will only return on the week I am due to leave, I am expected to have this done and all the other work I do in my role which will be very challenging since there is only me doing everything since he is not there to do some of the other tasks.

I know I will find something better, but am sick of being the one that companies take on and then just like that am surplus to requirements. Even though I give everything I have got to the role I am doing, even training people up to do the tasks I do, and then they once people know how to do stuff they get rid of ME!! that really annoys and upsets me.


I feel for you because I have had a similar experience .

I think it will hurt you what a occurred for quite sometime but you need to hold your head up high ,keep up with your very high standards and to quote same words from a song for a television programme just remember :

' No body is going to bend or break me'

My best wishes,



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