My son gets bullied in school but doesn't tell the teacher, he has started to answer back to the bullies but now the bullies tell on him,

Does anyone else have this problas now he doesnt want to go to school, i have seen the teacher but they want my son to tell them( and he wont /cant) I try to explain to my son he must tell but seems to think no-one will listen is this something that happens with dyslexic children or is it just my son

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  • You need to give better detail, becuase what you have put here doesnt make sense

  • Its ok, it makes perfect sense to me, I think this is quite a common problem. I think you need to have a meeting with the head teacher and your son together and try to get it sorted that way maybe.

  • Is your son dyslexic? You have not stated. If he is being bullied at school get him to tell you and ensure he knows that you are on his side and that you will note down each time it happens. Then you have to call the school to account each time it happens and ask them to document who is doing the bullying and ask them what they are doing to stop it. If your son feels that nothing is being down, he will stop telling you altogether and you need to be aware how often this occurs. Speak to the head teacher, year head and his class teacher too, that way they have been advised of the situation and can't ignore your concerns. good luck!

  • Sorry yes my son is dyslexic also has DCD, and thanks I've just made an appointment with the head

  • Hi Happy2. Unfortunately bullying can happen to any child, whether they have a learning difficulty or not and it is awful for you and your to go through. Kids can be so cruel! I think you have done the right thing by contacting the head. Try and get as much information from your son so you are fully aware and prepared before you go in. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • This was happening to my dyslexic/dyspraxic daughter and i found constant communication with the school helped they now approach her once an hour to check all is ok with her so she is started to communicate with staff at school,although this has taken along time to get to this but worth it

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