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My son is 10 and we have had a lot of problems at school! I have thought he may be dyslexic since he was in year 2 (now year 6)

The school he is at doesn't seem to be listening to me or him, I was hoping to get an appointment with an educational psychologist but the school have said they are fully booked for the year! How can I get an appointment without going through the school.

Many thanks x

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Don't give in,take it higher if you have too.

A mum knows her child better than anyone!!

My. Son was 9 when he got tested after struggling

for a few years.

Good luck.x


ring the ed psych dept yourself. you are entitled to it. Is he on school action or school action plus? What makes you think he is dyslexic?? letter reversals, struggling to read or write etc. You know your son best so stick with it. Ring you LA and ask to be put through to the EP dept. It is disgusting that the school say their budget is spent and sod the kids that need help. This is why I home educate now. I faught the system 14yrs ago and won but when it came to my now 13yr old I had no fight left so I do it myself.


Hello Mazza80. You don't actually need to go through the school. You can ring the Local Ed Authority and ask for the Educational Psychology department. Tell them why you are ringing and ask to speak to the Ed Psych responsible for your school. But first make a list of the signs you are noticing in your son and the reasons you think he may be dyslexic. For some typical signs and symptoms of dyslexia have a look at our website - dyslexikit.com. It's not good enough to just say he is struggling with reading or spelling - be well prepared.


where do you live? I found Snap Cymru a Welsh charity which helps get help for dyslexic/autism in fact any 'special needs'...I also contacted the dyslexia unit at our local University in Bangor...don't give up we found schools to be useless and had to do all the ground work ourselves!!


He says that words are moving around/ fuzzy.

Spells words as he says them. And a few other bits the school have given him a coloured filter and this week he has been a lot better behaviour wise (he says not so frustrating) x Thanks everyone tho just got to work out my next step.


Hi - find your local dyslexia action and get your son booked in with an educational psychologist. You will have to pay, however, a sound investment. With the head of service at dyslexia action she/he should be able to offer a brief consultation. Do not wait for the local authority..it will wait too long. If your son is diagnosed with dyslexia and he needs to attend dyslexia action go for it.. money worth spent. You may be eligible for a bursery for lessons at dyslexia action.

Dyslexia action are in Wales and do their teaching in welsh. If you live in England contact your local national parent partnership, if not contact kIDS IN LONDON and see who they would recommend to be your advocate/help you.

Once u have the report from the education psychologist you can then go into school and ask for resources. Parent partnership helped me to this, but we also took our children out of school for literacy lessons at dyslexia action. My youngest son, is just coming to the end of his course at dyslexia action.

Do not wait till your son is a teenager to action this, at this age they have other things on their agenda.

Hope this helps.


Your son could also be assessed privately by a specialist teacher with AMBDA ask for a list of local ones from the BDA or Patoss. It may also be useful for your son to be screened by a Certified Irlen Screener to ascertain the particular nature of his reading difficulties and the most suitable coloured overlay to help alleviate them.


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