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I think I might have dyslexia - help please?

Hi everyone, I'm a second year university student at the University of Leeds and have always struggled with reading big or small pieces of information, I can usually spell correctly but it's not very consistent, for example when I am stressed I find myself going back and crossing things out and writing them again quite frequently. I can read something over and over and I don't seem to understand what is being said but I feel too stupid to ask for help but it's really effecting my work. I am very good at practical work, but I'm not very good at reading or writing both academically and normally. I don't think that I can get the help I need at University, where can I get help? Is there anywhere I can get tested for dyslexia? I have done a few online and they have all said there is a high possibility that I have dyslexia.

I'm sorry if this seems silly, but I genuinely don't know where to go for help and I'm getting quite worried.

Thank you

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Try contacting disability services at your University


They also have a center that helps assess for Dyslexia


Hope this helps you!



The university has a duty of care toward you, many people are tested for dyslexia at University. Private tests are available but are quite pricey.

Meanwhile take practical steps to help yourself, it may be that you have the light sensitivity associated with dyslexia and could quite cheaply look into using coloured overlays when you read, later looking into coloured lenses.

Try and identify a way of learning that works with you, some people can listen to information and process it more easily, or speak the information aloud this can help with processing. Some people speak to the computer or get the computer to read text aloud. Use coloured files to organise your work. Some people need to do exercise or movement while they learn to help with the processing of the information. Look into dyslexia groups in Leeds, it is more common than you think. Most of all believe in yourself, having dyslexia is difficult sometimes but you can adapt to be successful in education.

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I remember how tough university was! I had no help and had no idea that I was dyslexic. The nagging thought that I must be stupid never left my side. I was doing a degree that had a large practical element so that helped. I put in hours and hours of time getting essays written ( there were no word processors then!!) As for reading, I had to reread everything till it was properly understood and only then did I have any chance of remembering the info for exams. But I refused to be beaten and I worked hard over-learning & cramming. I graduated with hons after 4 years of hard struggle at London Uni. My point is that you'll need to work much harder than everyone else because of the way they teach the academic side of their courses, and the way they expect you to learn for exams. The advice from others here is great. Follow up their suggestions. There will be other dyslexics at Leeds - without a doubt. Seek them out. Your tutors need to know your concerns.

Hope this helps.


I looked online for Dyslexia pre-screening tests, or quizzes to see if I could be dyslexic, as I had wondered if i was during my final year at university (masters year of all). Since I have been a TA at a secondary school and the assistant SENCO found another pre-screening tool, when 3-4 different resources said I am mild-moderately dyslexic I decided to pay for a private test and it was the best thing I could have done!

Sorry for the late reply, I've only just joined here! Did you get anything sorted?


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